Men are from Mars - where are the rest of you from?


The Process
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So why do we go through all this?

Apparently we were born to.  We simply cannot help it.  Not long ago, after going through yet another one of those ordeals where you can see that it's not going to work out, I was talking to a really good female friend of mine.  She was asking about my girlfiend and  I responded by saying that  I was seriously considering turning gay (jokingly).  So she says "You're telling me you'd be able to french kiss a guy?."  The first thing out of my mouth was "F**K NO!"  Just a natural answer.  We are drawn to women.  We want to be with them and make them happy.  And they have ways to make us happy.  Very, very happy.  We want as much of that "happiness" as we can possibly get, so we will stop at nothing to keep from getting cut off.

Not only that, be we feel great when we can form a wonderful bond with a wonderful woman.  Nothing feels quite like it.  Especially when it's still new.  The closest thing to it is the feeling you had as a kid at Christmas. 

We make alot of compromises to keep her pleased.  We also do alot of damn stupid things that we never would have done a while back when we were still single:


Watch Oprah with her on your day off.


Do your dishes every day.


Purchase an Ani DeFranco CD.


(Gulp!)  Actually pencil the date in your calendar of your first rendevous.


You always have clean underwear.


You will go into that "feminine ailse" at your nieghborhood supermarket.


Throw out your extensive porn collection.


The two of you are driving along.  That damned Backstreet Boys song that she loves so much comes on.  And you don't turn the station!


At the nightclub, you drink less and dance more.

Good God!  We do that shit?  Maybe not with our friends around but admit it - yes, we do.  Sometimes happily. 

In the end - why do we do it?  The nature of things.

We really want to know.  To keep your ladyfriend happy, you've done something that goes against ever fiber of your being.  Tell us about it:

Would you ever do it again, or was it too painful?
Never, I shudder just thinking about it


This is why we do it!


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