Men are from Mars - where are the rest of you from?


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Other Fascinating Sites

There are some great web sites out there with loads of information about our struggles with the opposite sex.  A few favorites:


Men's Health magazine's website is full of great articles
about love, sex, and relationships.  Monthly you can read
excellent articles about techniques to make you a better
lover, as well as how to make her a better lover.  It also
has great workouts for all situations, and diet information.
'Cuz you know none of this is relevant if you carry your
gut around in a wheelbarrow!


Maxim magazine's website, like Men's Health, has alot of info
on love, sex, and relationships.  (Not so much love - more like
how to get more sex.)  Plenty of sex tips.  But you'll more than
likely get totally distracted by Maximonline's seemingly 1000's
of exotically beautiful women.  It also has links to all kinds of
wacky places.


Stuff magazine's website (a sister publication of Maxim) is alot
like Maxim's, but the content always differs on both.  Don't
check out one without checking out the other.

Take some fun tests about yourself at The Spark.
They'll let you know if you're a prick, how pure
(or impure) you are, if you are a match for your
mate, even when you're going to croak!  Many,
many more.  Have fun!