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You spot a hottie.  She has a smile that makes you melt.  You are interested and will stop at nothing to get to know her.  But first you ask yourself "Does she want to get to know me?"  Alot of us have the fear of rejection, but don't let that stop you!

If every time you look her way and her eyes meet yours, congratulations!  She's scopin' you hard.  When you can catch them looking you in the eye every 15 seconds - FISH ON!  That's the most sure-fire way to tell.  Look at it this way, are you spending your evening  looking at the hoggers and the doggers?  Shit no, you're checking out the hottest gals in the room.  So if she's checking you out every time you look up, she's considering you as a possible mate (or at least, sperm donor.  Don't neccessarily donate).  Talk to her and see if she's as fun as she looks.  She's not keeping her eyes on you for no reason, she's doing it because she wants yer ass!



Determining if she is interested is somewhat simple  So is the next step.  Talk to her.  It's as simple as that.  But be yourself.  Don't try to be Joe Frickin' Cool - some women respond to that shit, but as decent guys we usually aren't looking for a woman like that.  Why?  Because the Joe Cool Type of guy is usually a damn phony wife beater, and the women who dig these cretins do so for some unappealing reasons:

  1. Immaturity

  2. Lack of self-respect / esteem

  3. Suffered abuse growing up

 The abuse of course is not their fault.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to get with anybody who has the other two "qualities".  The whole point is, if she's the type of girl you would take home to mom, BE YOURSELF!  No need to ham it up and be someone you're not - if it does go somewhere, she's going to be resentful when she discovers you really are a turbo nerd.

Show interest in her.  That's the best way to weasel in on her good side.  Nothing turns women off more than a guy who is so self-obsessed he just  talks about me-me-me.  Don't fawn all over her, but indicate you are listening and interested.  If she's a dud, look for a polite get-away.  If she's not, well - have fun!



So you caught her eye, met, and now the two of you are dating.  (Which brings up a 1st date rule.  Don't show up for the first date drunk!  Believe me).  Now you have to ask yourself this question - “Is this gonna’ go anywhere?”   And that is a question only time can help you figure out.  It is easier to tell when it is not going to go anywhere.  Because over time her annoying little traits will start to show (of course - so will yours).  Only you know what you really can't stand or live with.  One signal you should maybe start looking for is jealousy.  Jealous women become obsessive and you find yourself saying "geez, how could it be you've been divorced 4 times?"  Jealousy also leads to many of the miserable games they will play.  To learn more about these "dating stunts" that women pull, see Games



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