Men are from Mars - where are the rest of you from?
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If you are like us, chances are women confuse the hell out of you.

That's why we're here!


Like you, we have never even come close to figuring women out.  All we are looking to know is how to make dealing with them just a little bit easier.  We have enough to worry about without having our girlfriends test us over and over.  Very seldom can we kick back, think about the relationship and think "Oh, that's nice"  You usually end up thinking "What did she mean by that?

Don't get me wrong - we love 'em.  So much that they're often all we think about.  When we don't have a girlfriend, we're looking for one.  When you do, in the back of your mind you are gathering  prospects lest your current sweety dumps you, or you have to dump her.

We love 'em so much we will do almost anything to keep them happy.  And in turn, they will do almost anything to keep you guessing what you need to do to keep them happy.  We'll look at things such as: How to meet them, something we need to do when we date em', the games they play, why we do it, hints for coping, and links to other sites.  We also need your input on the confusing world of dating.

We will update these pages regularly to include the information you submit to us.  Because we are only two guys, and not even ourselves have been subjected to every curve they throw.  So talk to us and let us know the crap you've had to put up with.  Or share some of the good things.  Those exist too, and can be equally bewildering.  Maybe together we can make some sense of all this.





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